I feel that this photo best shows how it feels to be an entrepreneur.  Starting your own business is a risk.  But in order to be successful, you need to trust in yourself, your abilities and commit to go over the cliff.  There is no better time than now to show yourself what’s been hiding in you all along.

Rappelling can be a metaphor to starting a business.  Both needs a plan of action, how are you exactly going to reach your goal.  Both you will encounter obstacles along the way and your whole plan could change course.  In both you need trust in your equipment and have confidence in yourself.

In starting Ridge Recon I have learned that situations will arise where I will have to adapt and overcome.  But as long as I know that the plan might change but my vision will not, then i have no reason not to succeed.

Why I became an Entrepreneur

I was at the lowest point in my life. I won’t go into details but I could go nowhere but up.  I was watching YouTube and came across a channel called Project Life Mastery with Stephen James.  Stephen is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and life coach.  His emphasis is on passive income.  From him I learned about selling on Amazon.  Specifically Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon).  The concept was mind blowing for me, in the sense that it opened doors to me that I would otherwise never see.  From that point I told myself that I was going to start my own business and be an entrepreneur no matter what and that I was not going to quit.  I had my mind set on discovering avenues of passive income.  I have started a Company/Brand called Ridge Recon.  We specialize in Tactical/Outdoor gear, and I currently have my first product (Tactical Hydration Pack) for sale on Amazon.  I also have three Kindle books for sale on Amazon as well.  I look forward to scaling and expanding by businesses while learning and gaining knowledge along the way.