Why I became an Entrepreneur

I was at the lowest point in my life. I won’t go into details but I could go nowhere but up.  I was watching YouTube and came across a channel called Project Life Mastery with Stephen James.  Stephen is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and life coach.  His emphasis is on passive income.  From him I learned about selling on Amazon.  Specifically Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon).  The concept was mind blowing for me, in the sense that it opened doors to me that I would otherwise never see.  From that point I told myself that I was going to start my own business and be an entrepreneur no matter what and that I was not going to quit.  I had my mind set on discovering avenues of passive income.  I have started a Company/Brand called Ridge Recon.  We specialize in Tactical/Outdoor gear, and I currently have my first product (Tactical Hydration Pack) for sale on Amazon.  I also have three Kindle books for sale on Amazon as well.  I look forward to scaling and expanding by businesses while learning and gaining knowledge along the way.

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